About Dynasty Industries

Dynasty Industries was established in 1999 by Mr. Praful Doshi - located in the heart of chemical industrial zone, to manufacture quality Dyestuff for Textile Application to cater the requirements of Textile Industries in local and International market. Mr. Vishal Doshi, has lead the company to its new heights with his Technical Skills and Marketing strategies.

Mr. Praful Doshi has started with a small manufacturing capacity of 50 tons per month and today successfully reached a capacity of 200 tons for Textile Dyestuff. Manufacturing facility of Dynasty Industries is modern, flexible and is backed up by competent and well-experienced production and maintenance team.

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Our Products

HOT Dyestuff Series

Reactive dyes are for cotton, linen, rayon, nylon and other cellulosic materials and require pre and post-treatment

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VS Dyestuff Series

Disperse dyes can be used with various techniques and will readily colour synthetics such as polyester, nylon, cellulose acetate, vilene, viscose, synthetic velvets and PVC. They mainly used in Sports Wears, Shoes, Tshirts etc, depending on the temperature absorptions they are classified also as low energy,Medium and High energy Disperse dyes.

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HE Dyestuff Series

Acid dyes are mostly used in wool, silk, polyamides, cashmere, angora and nylon and leather Good stability and free of clogging print head,High color saturation and color-fixing rate, Good compatibility of colors will represent you perfect performance.,High fastness to light, rubbing and washing,Our product list is as below

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COLD Dyestuff Series

Dyes which are custom made for clients or for special industry we call it speciality dyes. This Dyes are mainly used in a specific industry like Film and Newspaper Printing, Stationary, Cosmetic , food and Drugs , Electronic , Plastics and Ceramic Industry. We have a wide catalogue in this dye and based on client requirement we can produce and supply the same, but at any moment we have 100-500 KG of each product available with us.

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